The German Christmas Lottery, Weihnachtslotterie, is an annual draw that offers spectacular prizes to players. It takes inspiration from the famous Spanish Christmas Lottery ‘El Gordo de Navidad’, and has a jackpot worth €400,000. There are more than 30,000 prizes up for grabs and approximately one in three tickets will be winners.

Weihnachtslotterie Results

You can find the Weihnachtslotterie results for 2019 below. The winning raffle numbers are added to the Results page soon after the draw has taken place on 26th December.

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Christmas Lottery Draws

The Christmas Lottery is an annual event, which started with its first draw on Tuesday 26th December 2017. It was established to provide German lottery fans with another great game to enjoy over the festive period.

A licence was granted in 2016 for the Cologne-based Navidad Foundation to run the Christmas Lottery in Germany. As a non-profit organisation, the Navidad Foundation focused on supporting good causes across several sectors. The Navidad Foundation ran the lottery for the first two years but is no longer involved.

The game has always given away a large number of big prizes in every draw and has adapted over the years. In the online version of the game that is currently available, you still receive a five-digit code from 00000 to 99999, but there are 13 different prize categories. It is possible to win an award just based on the final digit of your code.